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2021 in Numbers

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Mohammed Yahya

Very busy year on work side, and almost zero on Blogging and YouTube.


  • 7 new Clients
  • 10 new AWS and Terraform projects (almost new project each month)
  • +25 Projects on Automation using Bash and Docker
  • +15 job offers
  • collaborate with env0 on features
  • collaborate with Cloudrail on test and feedback
  • collaborate with Scalr on module registry feature
  • read 3 books
  • 3 Workshops (Internals)
  • 0 Podcasts
  • 0 YouTube videos
  • 0 certificates
  • +25 courses
  • 0 OpenSource contributions
  • 3 blog posts
  • Traveled to 2 countries Turkey and Egypt.
  • spent 1 month as digital nomad.
  • removed two plates from the three bones fractures I had
  • +400 Tasks done with TickTick (Almost 1.5 task a day for the whole year)
  • +50 undone Tasks.


I have migrated from Gatsby to Docusaurus for the blog from my old blog

And also from mkdocs to Docusaurus for the wiki and documentation from

Now I can manage the website, blog, and documentation using Docusaurus only which based on React.

I will decommission domain and use only for both personal and professional work.