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How to Install PowerCLI on CentOS ?

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Mohammed Yahya

In this article I will show you How to Install PowerCLI on CentOS, with Some Enterprises, most of the production or staging servers has no internet connectivity and you need to install PowerCLI behind a proxy.

What is VMware PowerCLI

VMware PowerCLI is a command-line and scripting tool built on Windows PowerShell, and provides more than 700 cmdlets for managing and automating vSphere, VMware Cloud Director, vRealize Operations Manager, vSAN, NSX-T, VMware Cloud Services, VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware HCX, VMware Site Recovery Manager, and VMware Horizon environments.

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Export proxy settings

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=

Install PowerShell

# Register the Microsoft RedHat repository
curl | tee /etc/yum.repos.d/microsoft.repo
# Install PowerShell
yum install -y powershell

Install VMware.PowerCLI

pwsh -command Set-PSRepository -Name PSGallery -InstallationPolicy Trusted
pwsh -command Install-Module VMware.PowerCLI,PowerNSX,PowervRA