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  • :fontawesome-brands-github: @goharbor/harbor

Demo with Helm and Minikube

  • Helm
  • minikube
minikube addons enable ingress
minikube addons enable ingress-dns
helm repo add harbor
helm install demo harbor/harbor
kubectl get ingress
# Edit /etc/hosts
>> core.harbor.domain



  • Create User
  • Create test Project
  • Assign User mhmdio to Project

Docker login

docker login -umhmdio core.harbor.domain 
# Error response from daemon: Get https://core.harbor.domain/v2/: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
# Download ca.crt from Project
security add-trusted-cert -d -r trustRoot -k ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain ./ca.crt
docker login -umhmdio core.harbor.domain

Docker Push Command

Tag an image for this project:

# docker tag SOURCE_IMAGE[:TAG] core.harbor.domain/test/REPOSITORY[:TAG]
docker tag alpine:latest core.harbor.domain/test/alpine:latest

Push an image to this project:

# docker push core.harbor.domain/test/REPOSITORY[:TAG]
docker push core.harbor.domain/test/alpine:latest

Helm Push Command

Add Harbor to Helm Repository List

helm plugin install
# Add only Test Project
helm repo add --ca-file ca.crt --username=mhmdio --password=Harbor12345 mini-harbor https://core.harbor.domain/chartrepo/test

Tag a chart for this project:

helm chart save CHART_PATH core.harbor.domain/test/REPOSITORY[:TAG]

~helm chart save . core.harbor.domain/test/harbor:1.4.0-dev~

Push a chart to this project:

helm push --ca-file=ca.crt --username=mhmdio --password=Harbor12345 chart_repo/hello-helm-0.1.0.tgz mini-harbor
# helm push --ca-file=../Downloads/ca.crt --username=mhmdio --password=Harbor12345 harbor-helm mini-harbor
# helm chart push core.harbor.domain/test/REPOSITORY[:TAG]

CNAB Push Command

Push a CNAB to this project:

cnab-to-oci push CNAB_PATH --target core.harbor.domain/test/REPOSITORY[:TAG] --auto-update-bundle